We specialize in customized prevention strategies for workplace violence incidents to prevent the loss of life and damage to reputation.


  • HR / C-Suite upper management training

  • Employee training

  • Workplace violence prevention education

  • De-escalation strategies

  • Active assailant prevention strategies

  • Interactive response training

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Women Workplace Personal Protection– Women’s Guide to Workplace Safety and Violence Prevention


Homicide is the No. 2 cause of fatal workplace injury in the US – and the leading cause of work-related death for women.

Watch this NBC News clip about a woman who was attacked and how she could have escaped and defended herself with advice and training from former Israel Defense Forces lieutenant Chanan S.

Chanan has created this program for personal safety education and training, which includes harassment and violence prevention protocols.

He has trained Secret Service to protect Presidents, can you imagine what this training can do for you and your organization!

8 reasons why your organization should provide this training:

  1. Companies need to provide training or guidance on how to avoid sexual/ bullying/ aggression/ and violent attacks.
  2. Being able to deescalate and manage conflict effectively
  3. Fostering employees’ connection and loyalty to the Company by investing in their safety and wellbeing
  4. Employee and client safety management 
  5. Recognizing warning signs of violence/danger and how to stop it before it happens
  6. Preventing loss of life, liability suits and lowering insurance premiums
  7. Safeguarding the Company reputation by ensuring a safe, protective and productive environment
  8. Reducing workers’ compensation, medical expenses, lost wages, disability and death benefits


A woman is raped every 2 minutes somewhere in the US


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Training by an Israeli Defense forces lieutenant who trained Secret Service agents, NFL security teams and other governmental agencies.

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