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Magen Tactical Defense (“Magen”) was established in 2012 by a reserve lieutenant from the Israeli Defense Forces who is the leading expert in Active Shooter Response Training (ASRT) and security vulnerability assessment and emergency procedures. Magen offers active shooter response training, krav maga self-defense training, counter terrorism training, and defensive firearms training. We have the ability to travel anywhere in the world for the most Advanced Active Shooter Response Training. We will perform a security assessment of your property, train all staff members in the dynamics of a violent workplace attack, and create an Emergency Action Plan. This training goes well beyond the typical “Run, Hide” instructions which do not work. We will teach you how to handle the situation and the aggressor both physically and mentally.

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Our history

Magen Krav Maga was established in 2012 by reserve officers from elite IDF unites and security devisions. The first location was established in Delaware, but we quickly expanded to include Philadelphia and Boca Raton FL.

Our history

To serve our local community in Philadelphia we expanded our services to include public safety seminars at university campuses. We focus on Krav Maga, and active shooter trainings.

Our history

Magen Krav Maga was featured on Philadelphia's Fox affiliate. We added a knife training class, working with women who were attacked.

Our history

We added additional safety training seminars in 2015.

Our history

Magen Krav Maga is featured on Philadelphia's NBC affiliate.

Our history

Magen Krav Maga is focusing on expanding its community outreach. We are creating more events that raise money for students that are suffering from illness, such as Ramona.
When I was eight years old, I witnessed a terrorist attack while returning home by bus from school in Central Jerusalem. However, a tragedy was prevented thanks to an act of courage by a heroic bus driver. At that moment, I felt deeply inspired by him and full of admiration for his courage and willingness to fight for what he believed in. I wanted to be just like him.
Ten years later, my wish became reality; I served as an Israeli Defense Forces lieutenant, with expertise in the active-shooter, security, protection, and self-defense fields. Years of real-world combat experience commanding missions as a sharpshooter, along with more than a decade of consulting and training, have given me a deep understanding of safety and protection, self defense, close-combat fighting, as well as the complexities of mass-shootings and the mind of the shooter.
Over the 4 years of my service, I trained and fought along with over 200 solders under my command, and I never lost a soldier in combat.
Part of an elite defense group specializing in counter-terror operations and security and public safety, I have trained Secret Service agents and community members alike.
With my extensive experience in efficiently and effectively preventing, controlling, and de-escalating hostile situations, I have created programs to empower individuals and organizations with confidence and security protocols customized to every space and situation.
A popular IDF slogan is ``AHARAI`` which means “follow me” or “I am leading.” In times like these, it is crucial to learn from someone who has the experience and track record to provide participants with the know-how, confidence, situational awareness, and the physical and mental abilities to keep themselves and family members safe and secure.
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The school staff, experienced in the most advanced combat and training techniques, is made up of trainers qualified by the IDF who now train and consult in the civilian sector. They have years of experience both in the field and as instructors.
The Staff
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