Active Shooter Response Training ASRT

This training focuses on an active shooter situation where we must act fast. These situations can occur at our work place, while traveling, in public gatherings, sporting events, entertainment centers, restaurants and more

The techniques and tactics taught in this ASRT program are truly LAST RESORT SURVIVAL MEASURES, where you have two choices, do nothing and get hurt or respond as a team and fight for survival. When it comes to survival there is no margin for error and every delay can be fatal. Not knowing what to do will cause panic and waste precious time. In order to act decisively in life threatening circumstances, we must trust that the training we received will actually work. The Active Shooter Response Training teaches valuable reality-based lessons in a no-nonsense format and provides step-by-step specific instructions of attack countermeasures that can save lives.


Active shooter on Premises

We will cover:

Preparing for the shooter- about to enter our room

  • Defending the room – Understand the difference between cover and concealment
  • Weapons of Survival – How to use ordinary objects to slow down the impact of a bullet
  • Assuming Leadership Position – How to take charge during a crisis
  • Locking the door – How to get out of the shooter’s kill zone

Setting the room for a fight- Getting the room and people ready to fight


Disrupting the shooter-started shooting our room first

  • Counter Intrusion Tactics – Learn what to do and not do when the shooter enters your room.
  • Controlling the hands
  • Working together as a unit to control attacker

Stopping the killer- the shooter is in our group

  • Watch the life and death difference between taking action to save yourself or just hiding under a table.
  • Learn how to work as a team and collectively stop the shooter’s attack.

Encounter with Aggressor

  • Stopping the shooter from one side of the door
  • Stopping the shooter from both sides of the door
  • Weapon disarmament and Control
  • Controlling the shooter
  • Krav Maga fighting
executive protection

Executive Protection Training

As an Executive Protection professional, your primary objective is to protect and ensure the safety of any VIP or team in the private sector. Our training will provide you with the professional skills and know-how to reach this objective in both routine and emergency situations.

Training will focus on:

  • Gaining the control and command abilities required to lead a security team, including the qualities and roles of good leadership
  • Practicing security management, including the ability to operate team formations, implement team work and use different problem-solving methods
  • Gaining familiarity with various security systems and monitoring methods
  • Learning how to define the security level and means, based on needs
  • Designing security field files and the security set needed to protect the event and the facility
  • Learning to analyze the facility architecture and possible risks, as well as identifying suspects
  • Combat shooting and Krav Maga training
  • Getting a VIP out of a crowded area and protecting them while in motion

Undercover VIP protection and team protection


Gideon/Elite Israeli Counter-terrorism training

This training focuses on counter-terrorism situations where we must act fast. This training is designed for law enforcement, military, security agencies, public safety, Ems, and other security teams.

We will cover:

  • Urban combat cover work
  • Room clearing and crowd control
  • Multiple attackers
  • Fighting in different settings, such as schools, restaurants, sporting events, and more
  • Krav Maga fighting and control
  • Fighting on public transport
  • Proceeding in hostile territory
  • Combat undercover and team tactics
  • Prioritization of targets in combat
  • Hostage control situations
  • Weapon disarm




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