Virtual Workshop on Personal Safety & Protection

What will I do if I’m attacked? Can a determined attacker be stopped?

Employees are most productive when they feel safe

Critical information for your employees – and for everyone in the workforce

Learn to spot danger signals that other miss and de-escalate hostile events and physical altercations; it will save your life!

We will cover:

Problem = lack of awareness – we’re unaware there may be a problem

  • How to be alert to the presence of danger
  • How to predict violent behavior
  • How to identify the threat’s “tell”
  • How to recognize warning signs of workplace violence

Problem = misinformation – we’re uncomfortable but do the wrong thing in the situation

  • How to trust and act on our intuition
  • How to choose the right response
  • How to act when approached by a stranger
  • What to do if you are being stalked
  • How to act when confronted in parking lots

Problem = the evaluation is wrong – we misread the situation, we know the situation is negative but lack information to properly evaluate it

  • How to properly understand confrontation
  • How to deal with people who refuse to leave or let go
  • How to stop violence before it happens
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake you can make with a threatening person



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