Dynamic Response Force-on-Force Training–The Israeli Training Method

In today’s world where public aggression is becoming increasingly commonplace, our feeling of personal safety is seriously compromised. Assertiveness is ineffective in the face of aggression and maximizing personal protection is now a top priority for everyone. It’s crucial to know how to handle a situation before it spins out of control. With this training, you will learn how to deescalate a volatile situation and protect yourself and your loved ones.

This firearms training is the MOST PRACTICAL OF ALL COURSES AVAILABLE for volatile situations, where both the individual and the threat are capable of moving and shooting at each other. It generally stimulates a STRONGER PHYSIOLOGICAL STRESS REACTION, and the course can reveal the degree of shooting accuracy and the likelihood of disadvantage in an actual fight.

My service in the IDF special forces and counter-terror units along with my experience training top US security agencies have given me the experience, perspective, understanding, and capabilities that make me the top teacher and instructor in the field.

I’ve spent years researching and refining the best, most effective methods for personal protection, and I’m excited to share these unique techniques with you in my Dynamic Response Force-on-Force Training.

Limitations when training at a traditional shooting range:

  • No 360-degree fighting
  • No physical contact
  • No real-life dialogue and de-escalation
  • No target movement
  • No real-life stress while fighting
  • No movement and limited firearm concealment
  • No multiple attack scenario with armed/unarmed assailants
  • No real understating of when lethal force can be used

In this training you will learn how to:

  • Confidently carry and conceal a firearm for personal protection
  • Enhance your physical abilities in using a firearm for personal protection
  • Use a firearm at close range while being attacked 
  • Develop situational awareness and  360-degree fighting ability
  • Overcome armed/unarmed attackers while in movement
  • Handle stressful situations where many people are present
  • Improvise and fight with your firearm
  • Deescalate and control a situation
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones

The best teacher or guide is someone who has walked the path before you. This has been my path for well over a decade, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned from my journey to help you with yours. This will be one of the most challenging (walk- the-talk) trainings you will ever do and experience.

You can’t afford making a mistake – respond and survive or do the wrong thing, which makes you liable 

Train in a private, clean, and safe environment with a personalized program based on your abilities. It is not just about technique, it is about acquiring the skills you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The ultimate goal is to provide you with the know-how, confidence, physical and mental abilities to keep you and your loved ones safe from harm.

When you fight, you are responsible for your safety and wellbeing but when you carry a firearm, you are responsible for everyone around you.

You can’t afford not to know what you’ll learn in this training. Take the proactive approach and call now!

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